12 August 2021, Dushanbe – FAO continues to support the Government of Tajikistan in defining and implementing its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. In this regard, the second multi-stakeholder meeting concluded yesterday in Dushanbe on enhancing the Nationally Determined Contribution process.

The aim of the meeting was to present an updated draft of the executive summary of the enhanced NDC report, raise awareness and improve capacity and knowledge of relevant stakeholders, engaging effectively for an inclusive and meaningful consultation taking into account gender aspects, as well as forging stronger partnerships between the country’s public and private sector.

In addition, the meeting provided a platform for fruitful discussions and providing recommendations and suggestions that can support further actions before submitting the updated NDC document to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat. The first draft of the NDC process was published on the webpage of the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of Tajikistan late February 2021, and shared with relevant stakeholders for feedback and recommendations.

The meeting covered a broad range of specific issues, including building national awareness, engaging ministries and stakeholders, building capacity across sectors and at the local level, linking with national priorities and international agreements, as well as translating NDCs into concrete actions, and developing systems to monitor progress toward NDC goals. Attendees had an opportunity to exchange technical and institutional issues related to NDC implementation, as well as experiences and perspectives on planning for NDC implementation in the country.

”According to FAO’s analysis, almost 50 percent of the Nationally Determined Contributions globally relate to the agriculture sector. FAO has a great experience and expertise in building capacities to scale up climate action on the ground,” emphasized Oleg Guchgeldiyev, FAO Representative in Tajikistan. “For this NDC revision process, we are enlightened to coordinate the whole revision process of NDCs in Tajikistan, including all sectors contributing to climate change. This require the coordination between government agencies and international institutions working in the country to develop synchronized solutions and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emission. That is why we support Tajikistan in achieving its national climate commitments, and, at the same time, building technical capacities to deliver its NDC commitments and make progress towards sustainable development in the country,” added Guchgeldiyev.

Nationally Determined Contributions represent the commitments of the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. Every five years, countries are expected to review and enhance their NDCs and submit more ambitious actions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will provide countries with significant opportunities to align their climate and development agendas and to promote sustainable growth.