Our services

We offer following paid services:

  • Publishing information about Your company and seeds, plant protection products, and fertilizers in mobile apps based on an annual subscription fees:
    • in one mobile app 50 USD/year
    • in 2-4 mobile apps 150 USD/year
    • in 5-6 mobile apps 200 USD/year
  • Publishing Your own ads in the mobile app in the form of an image that pops up when the user is working in the app, 10 USD/month.
  • The advertising in IT tools/web-sites of the AgroSpace Platform, 10 USD/month or 100 USD/year.

To sign a contract for paid services, you need to contact one of the partner offices specified in the Contacts section.

We offer the following free services:

  • Publishing ads in the trade platform for the purchase and sale of agricultural products and services
  • Publishing free educational, informational, and reference material in the E Library
  • Downloading free educational, informational, and other materials from the E-Library
  • Downloading and using all mobile apps
  • Using electronic maps for making rational and effective decisions
  • Watching training video materials for the production and processing of agricultural products with the ability to subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive notifications about the distribution of new materials
  • Monitoring the retail market prices changes for various agricultural products with the ability to download information for a specific period of time and for a specific market in Excel file format
  • Using calculators to count the required amount of seeds, fertilizers, and water to produce a specific crop on a specific field size