On November 13, 2018 the international non-governmental organization Hilfswerk International celebrated the 10th anniversary of promoting economic development and regional integration in Central Asia.

Since 2008 Hilfswerk International has been working with its regional partners to create a favourable investment climate in the region, to strengthen the role and capacities of business intermediary organisations, boost the growth of export-oriented food production and processing SMEs, and foster the cooperation among business, public institutions and research and education institutions in the region.

Increasing the quality and food safety of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables is an important measure to achieve the integration of Central Asian businesses into a global market. Capacity building for business intermediary organizations and creating an informed and influential network of Central Asian stakeholders and researchers further promoted this mission.

The project activities were developed and implemented in compliance with the priorities of the national development strategies of the countries involved. They reflect the ongoing commitment of Hilfswerk International to facilitate sustainable development all around the world.  Regional stakeholders were supported to live up to their potential to create a better future for Central Asia- thus promoting „help to selfhelp“ in the entire region.


In Kyrgyzstan, the 10-year-anniversary of the Hilfswerk International Economic Development Programme in Central Asia was celebrated with a reception attended by the Austrian ambassador to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan His Excellency Mr. Gerhard Sailler, the Programme Manager Attache of the European Union Delegation to Tajikistan, Mr. Francesco Straniero, the Honorary Consul of Austria in Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Vladimir Nikonov, the General Manager of Hilfswerk International, Mr. Stefan Fritz, the Regional Manager for Hilfswerk International, Mrs. Stoyanka Manolcheva, the Head of the Hilfswerk International mission in Central Asia, Mr. Umed Aslanov, as well as representatives of relevant government bodies, business associations and representatives of the private sector – producers, processors and exporters of agricultural products from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The Austrian Ambassador, his Excellency Mr. Gerhard Sailler pointed out to the successful work of Hilfswerk International in the region and its neighboring countries and wished continued success to the effort of developing the region.


The Head of the Hilfswerk International mission in Central Asia Umed Aslanov, in turn, stressed the particular importance of improving the quality of services and products aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as activating the sector for processing and packaging fruits and vegetables, which has been successfully implemented thanks to the cooperation of Hilfswerk International with specialists in the regions.


The representative of the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Enterprises in Kyrgyzstan, Dilara Alimzhanova, as well as many other representatives of the partner NGOs, thanked the Hilfswerk International team for motivating and inspiring new work results.

The Hilfswerk International team is already planning its future engagement in Central Asia aiming at expanding and simultaneously consolidating the results of their yearlong efforts in the region.

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