The agrarian sector still prevails in the gross domestic product (GDP) structure of Tajikistan.

Based on current data, Tajikistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) for 2016 was 54.4 billion somoni (equivalent to some 7 billion U.S. dollars), an increase of 6.9 percent over 2015 in comparable prices, according to the Agency for Statistics under the President of Tajikistan.

Last year, Tajikistan’s GDP structure by sources of income included: agriculture, forestry, fishery and hunting – 20.7 percent (1.7 percent reduction compared to 2015); industry and energy – 15.1 percent (2.3 percent increase compared to 2015); sale and repair of automobiles and home appliances and consumer goods, hotels and restaurants – 14 percent; transportation, communications and warehousing – 11.5 percent; taxes – 11.3 percent; construction – 11.2 percent; etc.

Recall, the government expected the GDP to rise 7.0 percent in a year to December 31, 2016.

In 2015, the country’s GDP rose 6.0 percent in a year to December 31, 2015, reaching little more than 48.4 billion somoni.

In 2017, Tajikistan’s GDP growth rate is projected to stand at 9.4 percent and GDP is expected to reach 58.9 billion somoni next year.

In 2018, the country’s GDP is projected to increase to 65.7 billion somoni, and in 2019, Tajikistan’s GDP is projected to reach 73.5 billion somoni.

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