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How prices are collected in AgroInfrom.Tj?

AgroInform.tj collects 2 type of price information:


  1. Market prices on agricultural products
  2. Prices on agricultural input supplies

Retail prices in markets are collected weekly (in a season 2 times in a week) from 8 cities of Tajikistan and 4 boarder markets through our agents.

Weekly on Wednesday (in a season Wednesday/Friday) every agent provides information about prices in markets by phone or by e-mail.

Prices are collected on products of traditional medium quality, that in many occasions are sold in huge amounts. The prices gather for production of traditional average quality which in most cases, is on sale in much considerable quantities. The prices for begun to rot production with considerable physical damages, with traces of illnesses, or other considerable lacks do not get to results of gathering. The information provided by Agents are processed and published.

Website visitors can get information as in digital format, or as a graphic.

Prices on agricultural input supplies

For gathering prices on agri-input supplies we have signed 12 agreements with suppliers (agro-shops.) Monthly (in season by price change) information on prices is gathered according price-list and a minimum price, maximum price, and medium price are publishing, also there is a list of companies, where you can get these input supplies. Prices are gathered for the following categories of input supplies:


  1. Seeds
  2. Fertilizers
  3. Plant protection products

The full information regarding to current prices and history of prices is placed in the websitewww.agroinform.tj.

Beside, that price information is accessible in other packages of our services as well:


  • Monthly publication in newspaper AgroInfrom.Tj
  • Through SMS-packages during the season

AgroInform.tj is doing its best in providing trustfulness and efficiency of information. But, the situation in the market can change quickly, that’s why we suggest you to check information through our informational packages and also directly from buyers or/and sellers before deciding on supplying or buying a product.

Beside that you need to remember that prices can substantially change from provided average level depending on quality of product, etc. That’s why provided information cannot be straight instruction to act, and can serve only for keeping up with market trends.