In Tajikistan every year at the end of August, when the most delicious melons are ripening, with particular pomp celebrates the holiday of honey and melon.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this year the festival will be held on 29th of August.

For conducting these events at a high level, was formed a working group, that includes the Deputies of the Minister of Agriculture. Each member of the working group is attached to a specific area, city and region.

In the capital the honey and melon 2015 Festival will take place in the shopping center “Poytaht-90,” on the markets “Shohmansur”, “Sahovat” and “Dehkon”, as well as near the “Kara Bolo” market.

The Ministry noted that the buyers will be able to purchase the best varieties of melon and honey at these fairs.

According to the developed plan of Ministry of Agriculture, in the shopping center “Poytaht” will be presented the products of Sogd region farmers, the market “Shohmansur” – from the Kulob area of Khatlon region, the market “Sahovat” – Kurgantube groups of Khatlon districts, the market “Dehkon” – Western districts of republican subordination, and in front of “Kara Bolo” – the eastern regions of republican subordination.

The winners will receive special prizes, established by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Visitors of the events will be able to visit festival concerts.