May 2022, Republic of Uzbekistan

In May 2022 a three-day webinar on “Food safety of agricultural products based on the Global G.A.P standard” was held in the Republic of Uzbekistan for academic staff of the relevant departments of two universities in Uzbekistan: Tashkent State Agrarian University; Samarkand branch of the Tashkent State Agrarian University.

The introductory online session, organized in May 2022, will be followed by a series of three-day offline trainings at each of the above universities in Uzbekistan.

The purpose of these practical trainings for academic staff is to consolidate the theoretical knowledge on ensuring food safety obtained earlier (provided by European universities) in practice, in Uzbekistan, taking into account the requirements of the Global G.A.P.

Practical trainings include demonstrating to the faculty the mechanisms for applying good agricultural practices and the requirements of the Global G.A.P. agricultural standard in production practice in real conditions in selected farms. It will also include demonstration of the application of procedures, instructions and forms that comply with the requirements of the mentioned standard.

In January 2021, the international consortium “AgroDev”, which includes eight organizations from the countries of the European Union and Central Asia, launched the project “Development of Higher Education Content Aimed to Support Industries for Sustainable Production of Qualitative Agri-food” in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The “AgroDev” project aims to modernize higher education content for promotion of development of such national agro-food production systems, where farm-enterprises will apply internationally recognized good agricultural practices (GAP) and agro-business sustainable management principles and approaches, in this way increasing agro-industry (primary production and pre-processing) effectiveness and competitiveness, thus supporting business development, ensuring qualitative food and clean environment to inhabitants, and indirectly promoting regional and rural development.

In the long run, the AgroDev project will contribute to improving the food safety of the agricultural products from Central Asia supplied at the regional and international levels.

This event is organized by the Austrian international organization Hilfswerk International as part of the AgroDev project “Development of Higher Education Content Aimed to Support Industries for Sustainable Production of Qualitative Agri-food”. The AgroDev consortium is led by the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies with financial support from the European Union Program ERASMUS +.