SMS-packages – receiving necessary information to mobile phone through SMS. The following tariffs of SMS-packages are available:

1. Tariff “Weather Forecast”. Each 3 days subscribers receive weather forecast for his (her) district for 3 next days.

Monthly subscriber fee: 5 somoni.

2. Tariff “Market prices”. Weekly subscribers receive market prices for one agricultural product from 3 selected markets:

1. Dushanbe 2. Khujand
3. Isfara 4. Istaravshan
5. Kurgan-tyube 6. Kulyab
7. Rasht (Garm) 8. Khorug
9. Market “Kulundi” in border with Ovchi-kalacha(Kir) 10. Market “Suh” in border with Isfara (Kirg.)
11. Market “Buka” in border with Mastcha (Uzb.) 12. Market “Bekobod” in border with Zafarabad (Uzb.)

Monthly subscriber fee: 3 somoni.

3. Tariff “Cotton Index”. Daily subscribers receive  Cotton Index from Lvberpool Cotlook.

Monthly subscriber fee: 15 somoni.

4. Tariff “Complex”. Regularly subscribers receive information and advices on the crop, which he (she) cultivates and for those climatic conditions where he (she) grows this crop; what seeds are better and where to buy; how to use fertilizer and where to find them; how to protect this crop from frost, hail; how to protect from diseases and pests; how to fight with weeds; where, to whom and at what price to sell produced products.

Seasonal (1 vegetation period) subscriber fee: 15 somoni.